In February 2018, the first fully fledged NatureTrackers project was launched by the Bookend Trust, in collaboration with schools and many other interested organisations – Where? Where? Wedgie! – hand in hand with the Expedition Class schools project of the same name. The second was launched in November 2019: Claws on the Line.

This website (.org not .com.au) is a blog – exploring the most effective approaches to monitor and manage threatened species, with a focus on citizen science. If this interests you too, please read, join in and exchange ideas.

If you live in Tasmania, please get actively involved with the NatureTrackers projects!

For Where? Where? Wedgie! sign up on the NatureTrackers project website, and decide where you might like to do a survey for birds of prey each May. You can also sign up your school to the Expedition Class schools program.

For Claws on the Line, let us know where there definitely are – or definitely aren’t – burrowing crayfish. Details on what’s needed are all on the NatureTrackers project website. We’re starting out with a particular focus on the Central North species.

You may also like to follow the projects on social media- Facebook NatureTrackers, Claws on the Line, Bookend Trust; Twitter: NatureTrackers, Bookend Trust – and explore the Bookend Trust webpage.

The plan is to establish these projects as long term sustainable, in collaboration with like-minded organisations and individuals, and for them ultimately to cover the monitoring of multiple groups of species.