I’m a threatened species zoologist based on the island state of Tasmania, Australia. In 2015, I was awarded the Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship ‘to design enduring methods that engage nature lovers to monitor population sizes and needs’. From October to December 2015, I travelled to visit citizen science experts in the USA, Hungary and the UK.

I’m exploring novel approaches to meet the challenges of monitoring and managing Tasmania’s threatened species: from quolls and eagles to skinks and burrowing crayfish. I’m specifically focussing on developing bomb-proof, enduring citizen science study designs for long term population monitoring. As the Bookend Trust’s citizen science coordinator, I want to design surveys that are fun for the public to do while also delivering reliable, useful information. We began in 2016 by trialling Claws on the Line, and now the work is developing into the NatureTrackers overall program.

In the blog, I discuss my findings and invite others around the world to talk over the ideas. We got some good conversations going locally during our first two Extinction Matters BioBlitzes in 2016, and held another in November 2017.

This website is due for some big changes over the next few months, as, with the Expedition Class schools program ‘Where Where Wedgie?’, we launch NatureTrackers’ eagle monitoring project.


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