Do you like to share your wildlife observations? How?

This really a pre-first blog, just to establish the page.

But while you’re here – if you like sharing your observations of wildlife on social media – have you tried iNaturalist?

In terms of providing useful data, it’s wonderful: it’s so much better than Facebook or Flickr because we get location, date, observer and a photograph, in a form (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet) that can be loaded onto other databases such as Tasmania’s Natural Values Atlas. It perhaps works most effectively if you have a smartphone which can assemble most of that information in pretty much a single click.

There’s also plenty of potential for some nice learning opportunities and social exchanges, especially if you can persuade a group of you all to be using it in an area.

However, it’s not much used in Tasmania yet. Perhaps Bowerbird, or another medium, is more your cup of tea?

Comments on the ease and satisfaction of sharing your observations in various forms would be very welcome. Email me on naturetrackers.tas[at] if you’d rather not share your comments on this page. I may not manage direct replies to emails, but I thank you warmly in advance. If some general themes emerge from comments and emails, I’ll report back.

One comment

  1. I am a recent convert to the value of iNaturalist – it is incredibly easy to use, and provides you with an opportunity to collect, vouch and use citizen science data – while we didn’t get anyone game enough on our first go to set up their own account and contribute data, we did get a handful of paper to use our tablets with iNaturalist set up, and go off in teams and collect data! Here are the fruits of our labour –


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